Make the complex simple.

Odense, Denmark

What I do


I’m a multi-disciplinary professional with experience in marketing communications and graphic design.

I first got interested in graphic design when I was working in a small marketing team in Brazil. We didn’t have a designer collaborating directly with us, so right away I noticed the need to step in. I began designing brochures, flyers, digital banners, and presentations. Slowly graphic design became a big part of my day, with more and more complex tasks. That’s when I decided to further my education with a masters degree. Since then, I’ve been passionate about design and storytelling, and how they work together.


I’ve worked with visual communications, print, branding, and digital campaigns. My experience made me a motivated professional open to learn new things and improve my abilities. To mix things up, in 2017 I jumped entirely out of my comfort zone and moved to Denmark intending to be part of Denmark’s creative scene. I’m currently working in graphic design projects for causes that I support as well as freelance projects for clients.




Hi there! Feel free to leave me a note. I would love to hear from you!