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how it works

I’m here to help you develop your brand and take your business to the next level

My goal is to create uncomplicated and functional solutions that will optimize your time and help you move forward with your dream. To achieve that, I use a multidisciplinary approach that connects marketing and graphic design. That means that I understand your marketing needs and can give you strategic advice on what type of content best suits your brand and communication style.

My brand & design services are for the entrepreneur and small business that are ready to start putting themselves out there

Get to know my process!
about the process

1. First contact

Here, we get to know each other. You can send me a message or book a call. We discuss your brand goals and make sure we are a good match.

2. Brand discovery

Next, we start doing research. You answer me a couple of questionnaires, we discover together what is your brand personality, and develop a visual strategy for your project.

3. Design

Finally, I'll use all information gathered on steps 1 & 2 to create your design. This part is very collaborative. You are involved in all processes, and we will revise the final results together.

Are you looking for something more specific?

You can apply for a discovery call. A discovery call is a 15-30 min call to determine if we will be a good fit to work together.

my favorite work
what they said

“ I would start by saying that Juliana is a very talented graphic designer and a tremendous team player. Therefore, she delivered an incredible website design, with superb visuals. Not surprisingly, she later led all the graphic communication within our firm. ”

- Carlos Monteiro, Partner at Biassa