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EZ Solutions Branding

EZ Solutions Branding
About project

EZ Solutions is a young Brazilian tech startup that was looking for a modern and recognizable brand design. Their goal was to emphasize their business mission: “simplify technology and making it accessible to everyone.” With that in mind, we started focusing on EZ Solutions branding.


We decided to reinforce the idea that EZ Solutions is the go-to company when looking for guidance amid technology services. While researching, we came across the concept of a maze. When you see a maze, you see paths, marks, and routes. It can seem complicated, but with the right directions, you find your destiny. In our case, you find the right tech solution for you. 


We used the maze as an inspiration for our logo, adding bright colors and modern typography to give a fun look. The result is an approachable brand that is perfect for a startup that aims to help medium and small businesses.