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E-commerce Immersion

E-commerce Immersion (ECOM) is a conference that takes place across Europe. It brings together global partners from the e-commerce ecosystem to create unique knowledge exchange and networking opportunities. Celebrating a new phase of the event, the organizers wanted to refresh ECOM’s visual identity while maintaining a connection with its leading brand, Biassa.

Dynamic - Modern - Elegant

To maintain consistency with the leading brand, we opted to keep Biassa’s color scheme (purple) as a predominant element in all materials, adding minimal and modern features to the composition. Our strategy was to create personalized and unique content for the participants, from custom letters to digital brochures. That allowed us to add a feel of exclusivity to the experience.

"I would start by saying that Juliana is a very talented graphic designer and a tremendous team player. She delivered an incredible website design, with superb visuals. Not surprisingly, she later led all the graphic communication within our firm."

Carlos Monteiro, Partner at Biassa

The rebrand gave ECOM a stylish and elegant look that could translate the dynamics of the e-commerce industry with consistent branding at all touchpoints. The conference became instantly recognizable – a win for Biassa.

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