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Peer to Peer

Peer to Peer is a group of volunteers supported by Stoppestedet and SIND- Landsforeningen for psykisk sundhed and it uses its experience with mental health difficulties to support and connect with the community. The volunteers are at the core of the project, interacting with the broad public on a regular basis.

Without a defined brand, it was challenging to develop communication that could be inviting while still emphasizing the seriousness of the group. Thinking about increasing awareness around the project, we decided to create a friendly, dynamic, and simple brand.


We developed a brand based on the word “connection,” which inspired the logo design and visual identity. That’s why one element always gives support to another in our compositions – a perfect match for the project’s mission. The imagery and color palette also translate this feeling. You can see welcoming scenarios and warm colors throughout all the materials, alluding connections between the peers.

Friendly – Dynamic – Simple

“Juliana is incredibly easy to work with; she quickly captured the essence of what we needed help with. She made logos, flyers, Facebook covers, business cards, and posters. We are so happy with the connection throughout it. Our logos are timeless and modern, and our flyers have a beautiful design that tells the story we wanted to show.”

Camilla Hviid, Frivilligkoordinator at Stoppestedet

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